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Will you be sailing with us? Check this out!

What to pack


Don't count on warm and lovely summer weather. Only. Pack for a chilly and rainy mountain hike. Bring: Underwear, warm socks, comfortable trousers, warm sweaters etc. But also shorts and t-shirts. If you don't have sailing gear, ski clothes or rain gear will do. Comfortable shoes with rubber soles with good friction so you don't slip on on deck. Hat and gloves. Walking shoes ifor exploring the surroundings

Other stuff

You must bring your passport since we are leaving the EU. Bring a towel, we have sheets, blankets and pillows. We have a life jacket for you Mobile charger, earphones and power bank (sometimes we can be low on electricity if the solar cells aren't doing the job well enough. Sunglasses and sunscreen Baby wipes or similar are very handy when you can't shower regularly. We have limited water, so showering on board doesn't work at the time being as we don't have a watermaker yet. Water bottle


Toilet, water and safety

We help each other and share food costs. In the case of longer passages we do 3 hour watches in pairs. It is important to use your sleeping time when you are off.. TOILET: never flush down toilet paper, it will get stuck. Throw the toapepert in the trash bin. WATER: We have a limited water tank and must be wise with water consumption. We'll show you how. When we are in in achorages instead of marinas, we cannot fill up with new water. LIFE JACKET: always wear your life jacket on deck. In case of a stormy seas, also be attached to a safety on deck. ASK IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND: sailing language is not always easy to understand....

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