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Educative passage from Västervik to Copenhagen

Wednesday morning we left Västervik for Copenhagen, roughly 230 nautical miles which is about 425 km. The trip took us about 2 and a half days. It was a relatively n smooth trip, but it became oh so clear how important it is to have properly planned watches. Not only at night but also during the day. For example, like being duty for three hours every time you sail overnight and really take advantage of sleeping when you are "off". Not only at night but also during the day. Two days with only a few hours of sleep at night here and there is just too hard to bear and makes you stupid We knew that, of course, but it became very clear now. Very educational!

So we arrived at Tuborg Marina outside Copenhagen at 4pm on Friday. The couch, a movie of which we saw maybe 5 minutesof and then the sweetest sleep!

On Saturday, Vita Vera's captain was woken up and treatd with bubbles and a birthday present (hammock). Then we made Copenhagen, some of it at least. The birthday lunch was in Nyhavn at a very nice place, Restaurant Carl Nilesen. Smörrebröd at a high level. Here, the birthday child gets a "Lille", a danish snaps.

Then we want to Christiania. We had high expectations of a very different and alternative place. But I don't know, it wasn't really so sensational. Pusher Street has been shut down because it was far so miserable. We had a a GT and a bite to eat in the sun, really nice.

We walked a lot, just under 23,000 steps for me on Saturday. Ulf got 5,000 extra after he had forgotten his shirt in Christiana and had to walk back there and get it.

I got a nasty blister under one foot due to bad shoes, luckily I won't be walking much for the next 24 hours.

Today it rained cats and dogs in the morning. We slept in and headed to Louisiana eventually. It's fun to have been there, but none of us liked the exhibitions. Google Soutine and see what you think, taste is different...

Tomorrow we will eave Copenhagen and head towards Råå (Sweden, near Helingborg). We have some mainance to take care of. Of course, new issues appear all the time.

Hugs, hear from you soon! 😍

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