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Help, only 5 days to departure!

It has been totally quiet from us and the reason is that we have had a crazy amount to fixing prior to departure. Thanks to all the help from Roger we seem to be able to make it on time. We won't be done with everything when we leave Gustavsberg on Saturday, so we will continue our work along the way. The essentials will be don though.

Today Ulf and Roger were doing frustrating cable work with the cable pipes for electricity to the instruments. The pipes are apparently glued together from e the inside, and patches of glue make it very difficult to pull the cables through. But it finally worked out.

Moved to Gustavsberg Now we are in Gustavsberg's guest house, thanks to Ita for arranging a spot for us! Departure is at 3 pm on Saturday. Ulf is newly retired, but I will work for another six months and a few more weeks from the boat before I go on summer vacation.

The spray hoods

I have been working hard on the two spray hoods and am now almost done. I am so happy with my new Janome Easy Jeans sewing machine, it can handle almost anything. I did make a lot of mistakes sewing as this is quite new to me, a lot redoing and getting it right. But tomorrow I will be finished. Next time I do something similar it will take half the time 😁

Bunkering I have now bought all the dry goods, cleaning supplies, new bedding and filled our medical bag with everything necessary. Remain clothes, housewares, fresh products and drinks. Thursday/Friday we will rent a trailer and move into Vita Vera with all the mattresses, blankets and pillows .... after cleaning her spotlessly of course.

New final destination part 1 We have booked winter storage in Ireland, New Ross Marina. Cheapest option, good reviews and perfekt communications to Dublin for the return journey back to Sweden on August 25. Which is when we need to get back to attend the weeding of Ulf's daughter Andrea and David.

The biggest stress Vita Vera is now leaving Sweden for good and and everything we want to have onboard for the future must come along now as we will not want to carry a lote of stuff on the flight back next spring.

We would love to take our friends on board

Let us know if you would like to join us part of the way!

We are so looking forward to this!

HugS 😍

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