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Shit happens, midsummer, repairs and beautiful weather

We dropped Roger and Anette off at Smådalarö last Sunday. Monday morning we slept in and headed towards Harstena, approx. 76 nautical miles from there. The weather was lovely and we had a nice sail until a bit after Landsort. In the picture, we have just left Landsort and the Stockholm Archipelago behind us.

Then the fog came rolling in. Not quite according to the weather forecast. We haven't managed to get our new radar and AIS up and running yet so it was scary and the wind was shifting all over the place. Then we got fed up and decided to take down the sails and go by engine, but the main sail didn't want to come down. It was stuck! But we made it to Harstena and when we had anchored at about three in the morning I hoisted Ulf up the mast so he could bring down the main. Nice workout in the middle of the night 😁. It worked out fine and we dropped into bed and fell asleep like little pigs.

In thenlate morning we set out to make wonderful and pittoresque Harstena, but to our disappointment it was completely deserted. Nothing was open. Not the bakery, the restaurant or the stall.

So we left Harstena a few hours later and headed towards Torrö, where we celebrated Midsummer. Here you see Calle's and Sussi's house, which is absolutely stunningly beautiful in a bay in the Tjust archipelago.

Thursday was spent smoking salmon and hanging out on the pier with accordion music and summer songs.

Midsummer eve we had traditional lunch on the pier, midsummer dance in the village and barbecue in the evening.

We had a wonderful midsummer weekend with our friends at Torrö who are always so generous and welcoming 💗

On Sunday we set off for Hasselö. But it didn't go quite as we had planned as Vita Vera's batteries were completely discharged and the engine would not start. The passage to Hasselö is full of rocks, so we didn't want to rely solely on the sails. We borrowed a battery charger from Calle and were on our way a number of hours later. And not only that. Our new plotter quit, it just wouldn't start. Luckily I had my subscription to Skippo so we could navigate with the mobile phone.

Then we arrived in Hasselö and and hung out with Ulf's friend Erik and his family. Another wonderful idyllic gem!

We anchored in the bay outside Hasselö for the night and continued the next day to Västervik to buy boat stuff at Erlandsson's brygga (just under an hour's walk from the centre of Västerik), do boat work and stock up on food for our further journey. The weather is so wonderful now! Here you see wee Uf in Västervik

Next destination is Utklippan and then Copenhagen.

That was all for this time. Hugs to you all! 🥰

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