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Shitty weather and technical issues

Well, we came to Råå from Copenhagen on Monday and here we are still here.

It has been incredibly stormy and rainy so we simply didn't feel safe going on. We have used this time to work on our projekt list. This is how you often see Ulf these days. Here he fixes light for the forepeak, our bedroom 😉

Something that is extremely annoying is that our brand new B&G plotter (for navigation, where you see the seacharts) has stopped working. It worked for a week, then it failed to start. stone dead The plotter is also the screen where you see radar and AIS, so we don't want to be without that. In Sweden, it's OK to navigate with the Skippo app, but we must have a working plotter with radar when we cross the North Sea. The most annoying thing is that you think you have done something wrong and spend a lot of energy trying to make something work that was doomed from the beginning. Now it has been confirmed that it is the plotter that is not working and that there is nothing we can do about it ourselves. So we are going to contact Nautica, the Swedish representative for B&G, on Monday to hopefully get a new plotter.

Råå is a very nice town, well maintained and very picturesque. Last Wednesday we had dinner with Ulf's childhood friend Manfred and his Yvonne and had a super nice evening. Thanks for the fantastic hospitality Manne and Yvonne! 💗

If SMHI's (the Swedish weather forecast institute) forecast is correct, we can continue towards Gottskär outside Onsala/Gothenburg tomorrow morning. It is 87 nautical miles there, but the wind is blowing in the right direction so we should be there by late evening. Will then anchor at Daphne's and Ronny's bay in Draget/Gottskär.

So far, the schedule for our onward journey is still OK. Of course it depends on how we get on with the new plotter. So those of you who we are going to meet will be informed about this as soon as we know how it is going.

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