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We actually left almost on time!

I can't remember when I was this tired. Not just me of course, we've both been working late nights in order to get ready. We have so been looking to get going and not having deadlines anymore. Whatever is not done by the time we leave will be taken care of as it comes.

We had so much luggage! What you see in the picture is perhaps a tenth of everything. It was just a matter of stuffing everything into the boat and, organize it along the way.. At least we ig manage to arrange our beds, the gully (kitchen) and the lounge (sofa/dining table) decently so that we could have a cozy dinner and a good night's sleep.

We were so haapy to have all of you waving us off! Thank you all! 🧡🧡🧡! And as a wonderful surprice my brother Stefan turned up from Kristinehamn together with Ludde, Jonas and Hanna. Here are some of our loved ones who were there. Some had already left by the time the picture was taken.

WRoger and Anette ca,me with us for a bit. Lovely to have company from the beginning! We made our way to Napoleonviken and anchored there for the night. We had a wonderful nights sleep and felt pretty much refreshed In the morning. We slept in a bit, had a late breakfast and set the mainsail. Wonderful to have several helpers! At 6pm we passed Smådalarö and decided to go in there for the night and drop off Roger and Anette. Our crew was put on the bus and we got cleaned up in the lovely sauna at Smådalar jetty.

By the way, here you can see my spray hoods which I have struggled so much with. They turned out OK, considering I've never done anything like this before 😊

Tomorrow we'll leave early towards Harstena. Midsummer will be spent at Torrö with Calle and Sussi and it will be so much fun!

Hugs to you, we'll be in touch! 🧡

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