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This is Ulf, from Sandra's perspective. He can adjust this himself later if he wants to. Ulf is a caring bear with a mega-big heart. A sailor and skier since childhood, he possesses an incomprehensible strength that has actually saved my life on at least two occasions. Ulf is very skillful with cars, boats and houses, mechanics and carpentry. Stubborn as anything, won't give up until he solves the problem. A logical thinker and excel genius. Ulf is color blind and allergic to down and fur animals Ulf loves: Me 😀 and his beautiful daughters and grandchildren White Vera and sailing Skiing (despite new knee joint) Adventure Having fun with friends Fun (preferably fast) activities Salty licorice Ulf does not like: Cheese Liver paste


And this is me, written by myself. I've been sailing since I met Ulf in 2015, so I'm still learning and doing the best I can. But I have taken the basic certificate, Coastal skipper and VHF certificate. In the autumn of 2025, I will take the Ocean sailing course under OSK's auspices. I am the webmaster and textile manager on board. Have just bought myself a new sewing machine after several breakdowns due to that my Singer Heavy Duty did not measure up when I was going to sew our two new dodgers. To me, it's the boating life that's attracts me, the sailing kind of comes with the deal. Since Covid we have lived on Vita every summer between midsummer and September 1 and I love our floating summer cottage! Further I'm a pretty cheerful person who sees opportunities rather than problems. I love to cook so if you come along you won't have to starve 😀 I love: Ulf and my beautiful boys Ludde and Jonas Hang out with friends Beefsteak, cheese and salty licorice Discover Take the day as it comes Cook I do not like: Sharks Olives, capers, pickled onions and Boston gherkins

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