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White Vera - Diva 451

SEVEN White Vera, Diva 451

Vita Vera year is a Diva 451, 14 meters long and 3.98 meters wide.

She was built in 1996 and came to Ulf in 2013. In the summer of 2024, she will go on an adventure and we have spent a lot of time and money getting her ready for a world tour. Much remains still to be done though .

This is what we have done:

  • Removed the original ceiling due to mold. Sanded and installed new ceiling.

  • Rewired the electricity

  • Built nice white cabinets in the salon instead of open shelves (see pictures)

  • Changed engine to a Solé 2022.

  • The new engine was bigger than the old one so we had to build a new staircase from the center cockpit as the staircase covers the engine.

  • Change cushions

  • Fixed new nice masts for bow and stern berths

  • New instruments and new nice teak plate for the plotter.

  • New foremast and new running rig

  • Change all valves and skylights

  • Moved back brace after they hit the coxswain in the head

  • Repainted in toilets

  • Dressed foam rubber sausages for stern man train to lean against.

This remains:

  • Nice white cabinet doors for the kitchenette.

  • New fine white wooden frames in the inner ceiling for all valves and skylights. Hand milled by the captain.

  • Watermaker

  • Get lithium batteries

  • Get rid of the gas oven (replaced with airfyer)

  • Insulate and expand the fridge

  • Get a freezer

  • New mainsail

  • Repaint the column by the steering wheel and plotter.

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